Generation Smoke Free is a broad movement of citizens and organizations that strive for a society where no one suffers from the consequences of smoking and second-hand smoke.

Because children have the right to grow up smoke free!

Generation Smoke Free wants to ensure that every child born as of 2019 can grow up smoke free and prevent them from starting to smoke and become addicted to tobacco products or vaping. By learning children a different perception, we aim at preventing them from starting smoking. We want ‘smoke free’ to become the norm, and not the exception, throughout the whole society.

At the same time, we want to encourage smokers to quit and provide them with better help to get rid of their addiction.


One simple reason: children and youngsters copy behavior, including smoking.

When children and youngsters see adults smoking, it gives them the impression that smoking is a normal, fancy and pleasant habit, rather than a deadly addiction. By setting the good example, children are more resilient not to start smoking when they grow up.  

Generation Smoke Free and children aged 10 to 12 years marked the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child:

‘We want a smoke-free future!’

Smoke free environments for all children

To achieve our goal, Generation Smoke Free wants to create smoke free environments for all children, such as playgrounds, sport facilities, recreation parks, children’s farms, hospital domains, schools etc. By making smoke free the norm in society, children and youngsters can grow up smoke free, away from the temptation to start smoking and become addicted to tobacco products and vaping. We cannot achieve our aim without the help of smokers, hence we request them to smoke out of the sight of children, in specially designated smoking zones. 

Anyone can help  

In collaboration with local governments, civil society organisations, corporations, individuals, … Generation Smoke Free wants to create as many as possible smoke free environments for children. Young and old, smokers and non-smokers, everyone can contribute to achieve our goal. By working together and surrounding our children and youngsters with good examples, we can ensure that children grow up smoke free and thus healthy!

Together with all partners of Generation Smoke Free we want to ensure that in 2037, every child born as of 2019 can claim loud and clear “We are the first smoke-free generation!”. 

The Belgian Alliance for a Smoke Free Society, the organization behind Generation Smoke Free, is an initiative of Kom op tegen Kanker, the Belgian Foundation against Cancer, the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living, the Flemish Association for Respiratory Healthcare and Tuberculosis Control (VRGT), the Belgian Cardiology League, the League of Families (Gezinsbond), l’Association Fonds des affections respiratoires (FARES), Service d'Etude et the Prévention du Tabagisme (SEPT) and the Observatoire de la Santé du Hainaut (OSH).

The number of smoke-free playgrounds, sport facilities, recreation parks, children’s farms, hospital domains, etc. with the label ‘Generation Smoke Free’ is steadily increasing.

In addition, dozens of partners including health organizations, medical associations, companies, and financial institutions have signed a Charter subscribing to the mission and vision of Generation Smoke Free.

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